Who are we?

Equal parts conceptor, builder and manager of properties Das Haus s.a.l. shows its expertise and discipline in each of its inspired real estate projects. the company counts on an experienced labour force to carry out and apply the strictest quality protocols and standards.

With every project, Das Haus s.a.l. aims at creating living spaces that are distinctive and evolutionary in their style and design.

Furthermore, Das Haus s.a.l. is extremely conscious of preserving the environment and the delicate ecosystems in the areas where they develop, adhering rigorously to the highest industry standards.

Das Haus s.a.l. unwavering commitment to collaborate with municipalities and authorities vows to achieve excellence and harmonious sustainability.

Each Das Haus development enhances both the urban and natural environment to increase the quality of life of its residents and their respective communities. 

Who are we?